Miami Roots, Global Reach

Cenco Partners, founded in Miami, Florida 1968 by Peter A. Swartz, Managing General Partner with a business-focused approach and a tradition of services, actively supporting and helping to drive South Florida's growth as an international financial and cultural gateway between the United States, Caribbean Basins Countries, Mexico, Central and South America.

While Miami got its start as a resort destination, the city's growth has expanded and diversified extensively since its inception in 1896.

Miami's "boom and bust" history opened the doors for business-focused entrepreneurs to drive real estate development opportunities as well as establishing Miami as an international global gateway for trade.

Global trading partners soon found that Miami was a great place to establish a place to live and work that has resulted in Miami growing into a diverse multi-national international city. As a direct result of the city's diversity and attraction for foreign investment, Miami has become a bi-lingual global trading center.

As part of our firm's business-focused culture, we originally focused on Land and Real Estate Development and became Planners and Developers of luxury condominiums, multi-family and residential residences and mixed-use projects.

CP's founder, Peter A. Swartz, Managing General Partner | CEO, has planned, built and managed more that 2,500 condominiums and rental apartment projects in major markets in South Florida, as well as Mixed-Use Projects and 5 Million Sq. Ft of Industrial Parks. In addition to CP's core business of real estate development, the Company operates its own professional consulting subsidiaries.

CP's core professional consulting practice seeks alternative options and solutions for clients to deal with their needs for today and for what is coming in the future.